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Flora & Fauna

In the entrance we find one of the most well kept patches of English Oak trees in the centre of Asturias.  Its botanic and faunal values greatly enrich the house's surroundings and offer a highly important environmental value to the estate as a whole.

Set on 6 ha of land, the forest is home to one hundred year old oak trees that live alongside numerous species of tree like: the birch, yew, boxwood, beech, northern red oak, German oak or corn-oak. 

The perfect habitat for a vast number of arthropods, vertebrates, mammals, molluscs and other animal species that live in freedom in the forest. The most prominent of them being the birds, given that in the Forest of the Palace of Meres area there are more than fifty listed species of birds. Due to their abundant number, we must highlight the robin redbreast, blue tit, common chaffinch, tit; as well as birds of prey: the sparrowhawk, kestrel, buzzard and night owls: barn owl, tawny owl and little owl.

Among the most interesting birds we must mention the lesser spotted woodpecker, hawfinch and the brambling.