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Palacio de Meres


"The world's most universal and graphic palace where I filmed four of my movies"

José Luis Garci
Asset of Cultural Interest in the Monument category. Palacio de Meres (Palace of Meres), Capilla de Santa Ana (Chapel of Santa Ana) and its surroundings: Royal Decree 177/1990 and 64/2006 Member of the Fundación de Casas Históricas y Singulares de España (Foundation of Historic and Singular Houses of Spain) and Member of the Hispania Nostra association.
Property protected under the General Inventory of Personal Property of Spanish cultural heritage. Historical archive registered in the inventory of the Dirección de General de Bienes, Artes y Archivos (Directorate General of Fine Arts and Cultural Assets) of the Spanish Ministry of Culture.


"Fashion fades, style is eternal"

Yves Saint Laurent
Planning, organising and managing; making dreams come true. We'll help you find the professionals you're looking for, and coordinate their jobs and facilities.
We have the right place available and enough time to prepare and execute such an important day.

"The true host is the host with whom one dines"

The Palace of Meres has its own fully equipped kitchens where prestigious chefs prepare their dishes, which are always cooked there and then to ensure high-quality.
We'll help you to put together your menu, guiding you through a number element you may want to consider: the time of the year, planning around the weather that day, suitable wine pairings, etc.

"Trees and love; while they have roots they'll bare fruit and flowers"

Whether it's dressing the room for a party, adorning a gorgeous church or giving the gardens around it a whimsical decoration, this is task we deal with every day.
Flowers, fairy-lights, furniture, stages and everything you'll need for an unforgettable day.

"My favourite project is always the next one”

Michael Graves
Our objective is to offer our clients complete graphic design services, providing them with a wide range of personalised solutions and a distinctive stroke of creativity aligned in harmony with the Palace of Mere's unique style.
Our range of services include full stationery design for the whole event: invitations, menus, orders of service, cards, envelopes, announcements, albums, photo opportunity backgrounds, information boards, etc.

"If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera""

Lewis Hine
The Palace of Meres' integrated services can provide professionals for all your photography and videography needs. The house offers infinite beautiful settings, so that the end result is one of high quality and originality.
Macusa Films for videography and Esarte Estudio for photography; their results make high-quality creative images shine, they avoid posed photos and use the resources that this incomparable framework and its setting provide.


More than five centuries are watching us from the facade of this Asturian Palace, which has recovered its former splendour after a thorough restoration. Restorers, craftsmen, architects, decorators and botanists gave and give new life to the aristocratic rooms and gardens, privileged setting of great film shoots and unforgettable parties of society.

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El pasado jueves, 7 de febrero de 2019, se celebró el solemne acto de entrega del II Premio Fundación Casas Históricas y Singulares ...
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“Llamada a la acción de Berlín”
“Llamada a la acción de Berlín”
Como miembros de Europa Nostra, y propietarios de una casa histórica y lugare protegido, nos unimos a 'La llamada a la acción de Berlín', presentada en ...
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